Admissions and Enrollment

Hours of OperationThe hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 6:30 am until 6 pm. These hours are strictly enforced. Early arrivals will not be permitted, and late arrivals will result in an additional $1 per minute late.
Please also note that there is a 10 hour time limit per day for childcare. CCIS (Childcare Information Services regulates this policy for its recipients, and DPW also recommends this time limit.)

Admission Enrollment Requirements
The following ages are required for programs.

Infants-6 weeks - (children remain a part of infant ratio until they are 15 months and walking)
Young toddlers - 15 months-23 months
Older toddlers - 24 months-3 years
Preschool - 3 years and older

All children will have a 2 week trial period. During this time, parents and staff will make every attempt to get the child adjusted to the schedule of the center, the routines, and the overall environment. After this trial period and problems persist, a meeting will be held to decide for the possibility of alternative services.
New families are invited to tour the center prior to enrollment. This will give parents an opportunity to meet the staff, ask questions, review the parent handbook, and complete necessary enrollment paperwork.

Drop off and Pick up
Please accompany your child into and out of the building when dropping off and picking up. When picking up, please meet your child at his or her room and then proceed to depart.
Please follow safety regulations when dropping off and picking up children.
No child is permitted to be left in a vehicle unattended.
Please turn your vehicle off before proceeding to the building.
Children are to remain on the sidewalk upon entering and vacating the premises. This is crucial, due to the traffic within the parking lot.
Parents please use caution when merging onto Rt. 19. Often times, cars moving on 19 do not follow the traffic lights and many accidents have occurred.

Withdrawing Policy
On occasion, it may be necessary for a child to withdraw a child from the center. In this event, parents must notify the director of the intention of withdraw. Parents will be responsible for payment through the end of two weeks of service, whether or not the child is in attendance. In the event that payment is not made prior to withdrawing, parents will be notified by certified letter.

Attendance and Schedules
All children must maintain a minimum of three days per week. If a child is absent on any scheduled day, the daily fee will still be charged. CCIS clients must follow the schedule created by their caseworker. Any absences longer than 10 days must be reported to the director prior to absence. Parents are responsible for paying if their child is absent on any days scheduled. This also includes appointments, illness, etc. Schedules are to be given monthly, although most do not change. This ensures proper scheduling for staff ratios. An added day must be approved by the director. We reserve the right to refuse care if a schedule is not provided.
3 days per week must be maintained as a minimum.

Transition to Kindergarten
Transitioning or getting your child ready for a school-setting can be bittersweet. Changing environments, “growing up” and getting on the school bus can be very overwhelming for both parents and children. Celebrate the first day of school, take pictures, and always show excitement for school. Our children look up to us for guidance, learning, and approval. Challenging them with learning devices, asking questions, and sharing stories of your “school days” will encourage them to develop a positive attitude towards learning and school!!

Tips for parents
During the summer, follow a schedule of mealtimes, “worktimes” and bed time. Call or visit the school your child will be attending to obtain details about their upcoming schedule.
Practice letters, sight words, colors, numbers, simple math.
Go for nature walks, evoke conversation about weather, plants, animals, and other surroundings. Building a birdhouse and looking through binoculars is a nice exploration of living habitat.
Practice tying shoes, reciting address, phone number, cutting with scissors.
Visit your local library weekly. Reading daily with your child will promote a love for learning.
Always ask your child about their day. Expand on detail, and ask lots of questions.
When school starts, get to know your child’s teacher and develop a positive relationship with him or her and support school functions and activities.

Please let Dan or Christina know if you will need before/after school care and/or transportation.

Transfer of records or copies of health assessments can be made during the hours of operation. Please note that parents/guardians must appear in person (no faxes or mailings please).

We reserve the right to request copies of IEP, IFSP information. As in school districts, this information is kept confidential, and is used to help our staff understand how to work/interact with your child and meet his or her needs both academically, socially, and physically.

A onetime registration fee of $50 per family is due upon placement. This fee is non-refundable and may be used as a placement for future enrollment. In addition to the fee, at the time of registration, parents must pay for two weeks of service.

Waiting List
Our center is licensed for 106 children per day. In the event that a waiting list must be initiated, it will be followed in order of availability per classroom.

The following rates apply for full time childcare. Full time includes 5 or more hours per day, 3 days a week. Part time attendance includes less than 5 hours per day, 3 days per week. Per agreements, parents are to pay prior to services unless arrangements have been made. Families with multiple children will receive a 10% discount on their oldest child if enrolled 4 or more days per week, 5% if enrolled 3 days or less per week. In the event that a check is returned NSF, a $35 penalty will be applied to the next month’s bill. Billing is done at the beginning of the month. If tuition is not paid in full by the first day of the following month, a 5% penalty will be applied per week plus finance charges per the current market rate. Please be prompt with payments. This will be strictly enforced!

Tuition Rates
   6 weeks - 15 months - $50 a day
15 months - 23 months - $48 a day — your child must be walking before they can be considered a toddler.
24 months - 35 months - $46 a day
Ages 3 and older - $44 a day — your child must be potty trained and 3 years of age before they can be considered a preschooler. (This Rate includes Full Day School Aged Children)
• Preschool only - 9 am - 12 pm - $37 per morning
• Transportation - Both before and after school - $32 per day
• Transportation - One way - $24 per day (no older child discount applied)
• Half Day Kindergarten (includes transportation) - $37 per day
• Drop in Rate - $20 per Hour
• Half Day Rate <5 hrs. any age -  $37 per day

The above Rates are for 3-5 day per week enrollment if your child will be here less than 3 days per week, add $5 per day (any age).  In addition, we have to enforce our rules regarding schedule additions. We need a week’s prior notice, and we cannot guarantee a spot.

Communication with staff
Infants and toddlers receive daily papers with information regarding meals, diapering, activities, etc. Preschool daily papers are available upon request. Other forms of communication between parent and staff are performed via scheduled conference, during drop off or pick up, and email, if applicable.

Families are allowed to take vacation in a one week block, once a year for no charge. During this vacation, families only receive credit for the amount of days the child is in attendance per week. If your child is in care 3 days per week, a 3 day vacation may be taken. All other days, weeks, or other time away from the center will be honored with a holding fee of $50 per week. Notification of vacations must be given one month in advance. If a notice is not given, billing will occur as if the child is in attendance. It is important that we know children’s schedules so we may be staffed accordingly. Please speak to the director regarding fees for a summer vacation and return to the center during the school year.

Mandated Reporting
Under the Child Protective Services act, all staff is lawfully appointed mandated reporters. This means that if abuse or neglect is suspected, authorities will be notified. Any suspicion of abuse is immediately reported to Child line. Employees are not required to discuss their suspicions with parents prior to reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities, nor are they required to investigate the cause of any suspicious marks or behavior prior to making a report. Under the Act, mandated reporters can be held criminally responsible if they fail to report suspected abuse. This includes physical, mental, sexual, and issues of safety. Issues of safety include intoxication of drugs and alcohol, anger, or abuse within the center between parent/guardian and child.

Parent Provides
Parents are to provide diapers, wipes, bedding, extra clothing and food for lunch, unless you would like to purchase a school lunch. Infants and toddlers who require milk as a feeding will be required to provide milk. Teachers will notify parents when replenishments need to be made. Please familiarize yourself with your child’s cubby or area for storage. As a courtesy, we have clothing at the center in case of emergency. Please return items as they are used on children.

Childcare center provides
We provide safety, staff supervision, and snacks for all children, preschool services, and social interaction.

Required Paperwork
*** Upon enrollment, parents must provide copy of driver’s license
*** Parents must provide paperwork updates as needed.
Physical forms are on file in the office. If your child has a visit to the pediatrician, ask for a physical form.
Physicals must be updated yearly.
Emergency Contact Form (updated every 6 months).  Click here to download form.

Parents must notify staff of any changes with phone number, address, job, etc. Please note that individuals listed for pick up will be asked to show photo identification, and parents must call or notify the center if someone other than the parent will be picking up children. This is strongly enforced. You may not send someone else to pick up your child unless you notify the center.

Agreement Contract - This explains fees, acknowledgment of parent handbook, date of enrollment, etc. This also is a legal agreement of payment. (updated every 6 months).  Click here to download form.

Photographic Consent - Consent for staff to take photos and use them for display.  Click Here to Download Form.

Health Assessment - Due within 30 days of enrollment, these papers must reflect immunization records as well as a physician signature.  Click Here to Download Form.

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